YJ8261 Moyu Weilong GTS3M Magic Cube Educational Toys for Brain Trainning - Colorful

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YJ8261 Moyu Weilong GTS3M Magic Cube Educational Toys for Brain Trainning - Colorful


.100% brand new and high quality
.Made of high-quality material, durable to use
.Adopting the new type of double adjustable system elevator, the rotating green parts can adjust the height of the central cylinder through the toothed step surface to achieve the function of adjusting the height of the spring chamber.
.The center block and the cylinder of the cover are designed with grooves to make the magic cube more closely connected. The rubik's cube is more stable in rotation and can effectively handle anti-flying
.The interior adopts magnetic positioning, comfortable racing speed magnetic positioning sense,and 48pcs high strength magnets is more accurate positioning, making magic cube more smooth rotation, more comfortable hand feeling and higher fault tolerance rate.
.The edge of magic cube adopts convex design, which makes the magic cube look more beautiful, rotate quickly,and could strengthen the sense of holding, and effectively prevent the hand from escaping
.The orbit of multilayer bump strengthened the stability of rubik's cube in turn, the friction surface of anti-sticking process is adopted, to solve the friction resistance caused by excessive friction surface, so as to improve the smooth degree of the magic cube
.Magic cube also has its fault tolerance rate is 55 °,  and reverse fault tolerance rate 30 °,it rotate more softer, smoother. The use of the high quality nylon, plastic material with high precision screws, springs, gaskets let magic cube rotation more fluent
.Adopt high quality engineering ABS plastic,it is not easy to deform, not easy to wear, with longer service life


Cube Dimensions 56.0mm x 56.0mm x 56.0mm
Cube Weight 92.0g
Package Dimensions: 7.6*7.6*7.6cm
Package Weight: 122g
Packing: Craft Box
Material: ABS
Color: Colorful
Release Date 26 June 2018

Package Content:

.1 x Magic Cube

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Most Helpful Reviews
THIS CUBE is insane I have broken my PB ao12 and ao50 with it and I used to struggle to get sub 15 times but now its almost a breeze. my previous main was a Valk 3 that was heavily scratched. OOTB it was super loose, dry, and I felt the magnets were a tad too strong. I set my GTS 3 up on the 6th Spring setting and put a mixture of lubes in like a drop of Silk, nearly 2 drops of Compound X to make it smell nice. at this point it was smooth, but too fast so I added a bit of weight 4 and a bit more weight 5 and now I don't think any other cube can beat it. I have not tried out the GAN X yet but this cube definitely has some of the best performance I've seen on a 3x3 when set up right. my tensions are loose enough so that it can do 45+ degree corner-cutting but not too loose that it is wobbling around. even if i did loosen it the strong magnets would still keep it together. I initially did not like the strength of the magnets but now I could say they are almost perfect!
I have bought the Valk m, the gan 356 x , and this. the Valk: really shit (comparatively) takes way too peaking in and yet never feels right I never got by best my times with it the gan 356 x: pretty good but after numerous (and I do mean numerous) changes with magnets tensions and whatnot it got much better but is still somewhat not right for me. GTS 3: there best, amazing turning, very fast, no mistakes, always consistent and amazing (one thing though is that it is really loud which I like but some might not). my times are almost equal between the gan and GTS and yet the gas feels way better and works with me rather than fighting against me (especially the Valk goddamit Valk it feels like fighting a war for it to work)
Ive had this cube since it came out, and i have enjoyed it ever since. When i got the cube back in July, i had other cubes that competed as my main, like the Huanglong and the Power. This cube, however, BLEW them out of the park. It has such effortless setup, and a revolutionary spring compression tensioning system. The ridges help me very much, but it could differ from person to person. The magnets are quite strong, and that might differ from person to person, but personally, i LOVE the magnet strength for some weird reason. Like, i dont think magnets that strong would work on that many other cubes. Getting this comp ready was a breeze, and it has held up to be my main for about 3/4 of a year, and it isnt going to change for a long long time, unless MoYu comes out with an even BETTER GTS3M (I have the WRM, and i think it is not an upgrade to the GTS3M) like the GTS4M or something. It would be cool if MoYu released a ridged and ridgeless version for the GTS4M, if they make one. Overall, i LOVE THIS CUBE TO DEATH, and i would recommend to slow it down if you get it. It comes uncontrollably fast OOTB, but its mostly because its on setting 0, which can be changed really easily. Every quality fits my style, but lots of them might be different for everyone. GTS3M IS GOD!!!!
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