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YJ8202 Moyu WeiLong WRM 3x3x3 Magnetic Magic Cube Square Cube Educational Toys for Brain Training


.Elastic lifting double adjustment system,can adjust the magic cube elasticity when the wheel base is constant
.9 step surface,0.2mm drop per level,for a more detailed elastic selection within the comfortable stretch range
.Introduction of magnetic positioning system,48 magnets are precisely positioned, which makes the magic
cube more maneuverable and more comfortable feeling
.Corner block composed of multiple track inner circle, which strongly prevents flying edges and has better
rotational stability.
.The magic cube is partially made of high quality ABS, without adding any toner, to ensure that the magic cube has a refreshing feel
.The newel of the magic cube moves up, making the magic cube more stable. 55.5mm appearance size, more
compact, easier to control, more comfortable grip, help the game practice to play faster hand speed
.Positive tolerance is about 55° and the reverse tolerance is about 30°. The magic cube turns more smoothly
and the tolerance is stronger. Made from colored materials, professional color matching, wear-resistant and
.The display box size is about 60*60*82mm,use firm materials,show and protect magic cube
.With a screwdriver and double adjustment system tool, and with a set of spring screw shaft kits for spare,
more intimate
.Accessories: lubrication groove*1+double adjustment system*1+spring screw*1+double adjustment system*1
+screwdriver*1+spring screw*1 +axes*1+6pcs 4*1mm magnet+6pcs 4*1.5mm magnets, the box can be
placed in a 3x3x3 magic cube and screwdriver after the compartment is removed,which is convenient for
carrying and can effectively protect the magic cube and protect the goods against press


.Color: As Shown
.Material: ABS Engineering Plastic
.Order: 3x3x3
.Product Dimensions: 5.6*5.6*5.6cm
.Product Weight: 330g
.Package Weight: 380g
.Packing: Craft Box

Package Content:

.1 x Accessories Box
.1 x Craft Box
.1 x Display Box
.1 x Magic Cube
.1 x Magic Cube Manual
.1 x Display Box Manual
.3 x Card

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Most Helpful Reviews
I lost my Gan 356 X (D:) and decided to replace it with this cube. Great cube, super fast out of the box, corner cutting on par with other flagships (expected). Magnet strength is about medium, and isn't too slow or fast. The cube comes with 2 sets of springs, one set is lighter and faster, the other heavier and much slower. I tried them both and found I like the lighter springs much more. The dual tension system is cool, but I'll probably never use it. With the heavy springs, the cube feels a lot like a Valk Power M, just without the elasticity. Great cube overall, gj MoYu
I purchased the stickerless version. Packaging was fantastic and the little accessory box is handy to store lubes and other gadgets. However, my cube came with many scratches and scuffs (it's in the Lego-container without any wrapping around it). I don't mind much since it's gonna happen eventually. Magnet strengths are exactly the same as those in the Stock GTS3LM. Took the cube apart and the internals are identical to the GTS3 (as is the mechanism). Cube is very dry, so I took it apart and put Lubicle Black on the core, Dig/Grav + DNM and it turns super smooth now. It's also considerably quieter than the loud clacky GTS3. I did an AO100 on both cubes and personally, I prefer the GTS3 over the WRM. I know the cubes are supposed to be identical (minus ridges and size), however upon turning and solving on both, the plastic feels overall cheaper and of less quality when compared to the GTS3. Price doesn't differ much between the two puzzles, however this one's a few dollars more (probably has to do with all the extra's). I still get my average on the WRM, but I'll have to keep solving on it for a few weeks to see if it'll be my main. Overall, great release by Moyu and honestly, it is a solid cube for anyone looking for one.
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