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Zcube Pyraminxcube M Magic Cube - Stickerless/Black

Zcube Pyraminxcube M Magic Cube - Stickerless/Black Artikelnummer: MU2475010

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€ 4.99
Black Stickerless

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  • Please allow up to 3-7 business days for production due to extremely high demand.
Produktsname Zcube Pyraminxcube M Magic Cube - Stickerless/Black
Artikelnummer MU2475010
Gewicht 0.14 kg = 0.3086 lb = 4.9384 oz
Kategorie Zauberwürfel > Cubes & WCA Puzzles > Pyraminx
Marke Z-ZUBE
Erstellungsdatum 2018-07-23

Zcube Magnetic Pyraminxcube Magic Cube Educational Toys for Brain Trainning - Black


1.The inner structure of magic cube is made of spherical clamps,which is smooth to rotate with comfortable hand feel
2.Using more simple convex positioning, the stability of magic cube is improved, and the deformation and fault layer are reduced
3.The side wing adopts the design of anti-pop with big card angle, which can effectively avoid the falling of magic cube parts and not easily cause the magic cube to break up
4.Planar appearance design is beautiful and delicate
5.High quality stickers has bright colors with high degree of distinguishing, not easy to scratch, wear-resistant, it is worthy of many cube lovers to collect






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