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Yuxin Eight-leaf Flower M Magic Cube

Yuxin Eight-leaf Flower M Magic Cube Artikelnummer: 2659953

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  • Custom Notices:
  • All MCM Custom cubes are covered under the MCM premium warranty.
  • Please allow up to 3-7 business days for production due to extremely high demand.
Produktsname Yuxin Eight-leaf Flower M Magic Cube
Artikelnummer 2659953
Gewicht 0.13 kg = 0.2866 lb = 4.5856 oz
Kategorie Zauberwürfel > Rubik Marken > YuXin
Label Alien Magic Cube , Magnetic Magic Cube , Puzzle Toy for Brain Training , Eight-leaf Flower Magic Cube
Marke YuXin
Erstellungsdatum 2019-03-29

Yuxin Eight-leaf Flower M Magnetic Magic Cube Puzzle Toy


1、Choose high-quality ABS engineering plastic material, wear-resistant and anti-fall, sturdy and durable, not easy to damage
2、International standard color matching, high color recognition, solid color structure,no fade
3、The magnetic positioning groove design can be firmly fixed by simply inserting the magnet into the card slot to ensure a more stable magnetic positioning
4、The multi-inner circle angle is optimized to enhance the compactness and enhance the anti-POP capability,The center cover uses a snap-on design to reduce the influence of the magic cube on the center cover during high-speed operation, effectively preventing the center cover from falling
5、The anti-stick groove on the contact surface between the edge block and the corner block provides the magic cube with multiple uses and can effectively prevent the magic cube from sticking
6、In view of the characteristics of the high-order cube's speed-expanding solution, the outer layer of the magic cube is individually widened, which greatly improves the overall controllability and is more conducive to



 As Shown


 ABS Engineering Plastic



Product Dimensions

 56 x 56 x 56mm

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