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MFJS Meilong10 10x10 Magic Cube - Stickerless

MFJS Meilong10 10x10 Magic Cube - Stickerless Artikelnummer: 2772518

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  • Custom Notices:
  • All MCM Custom cubes are covered under the MCM premium warranty.
  • Please allow up to 3-7 business days for production due to extremely high demand.
Produktsname MFJS Meilong10 10x10 Magic Cube - Stickerless
Artikelnummer 2772518
Gewicht 0.39 kg = 0.8598 lb = 13.7568 oz
Kategorie Zauberwürfel > Mehr Zauberwürfel > 10x10
Label MF8865 Cubing Classroom Meilong10 Magic Cube , 10x10x10 Magic Cube
Marke MFJS
Erstellungsdatum 2020-04-11

MFJS Meilong10 10x10 Magic Cube - Stickerless


.The selection of high quality ABS engineering plastic material, it features wear resistant and durable performance, and not easy to damage
.International standard color matching, solid color structure, get rid of color troubles, beautiful and durable
.With new splicing structure, each part is tightly fastened, impact resistant, anti-cracking, not easy to fall apart
.High-capacity rounded design for excellent fault tolerance
.Creative cube corner, each layer is locked in layers to prevent the falling of the frame and the corner caused by the rotation
.The new buckle positioning solves the problem of jamming, flexibly adapts to the high-speed rotation of  
various techniques, and has excellent verticality, which brings a good touch and stability
.Practice your brain and improve your memory and hand skills
.To brings you a smoother turning experience



 As Shown


 ABS Engineering Plastic



Product Dimensions

 84 x 84 x 84mm

Product Weight


Package Weight



 Graphic Carton 

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