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Moyu WeiLong GTS3 LM 3x3 Magic Cube - Stickerless

Moyu WeiLong GTS3 LM 3x3 Magic Cube - Stickerless Artikelnummer: 2515492

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Produktsname Moyu WeiLong GTS3 LM 3x3 Magic Cube - Stickerless
Artikelnummer 2515492
Gewicht 0.241 kg = 0.5313 lb = 8.5010 oz
Kategorie Zauberwürfel > Cubes & WCA Puzzles > 3x3
Label Educational Toys for Brain Trainning
Marke MoYu
Erstellungsdatum 2020-05-02

Moyu WeiLong GTS3 LM 3x3 Magic Cube - Stickerless


.100% brand new with high quality.
.Made of high-end material,durable to use.
.The professional double-tuning system can adjust the elasticity according to the like, and the feel is more
varied and changeable. Nine-level step surface, each stage has a drop of 0.2mm, which allows for a more
detailed elastic selection within the comfortable elastic range.
.The main body of the center block is provided with four reinforcing ribs, and the center cover cylinder is
provided with four card slots. The two fittings cooperate to make the center cover and the center block more
compact, and the complete convex design accelerates the rotation speed and strengthens the grip feeling, also preventing the hands off.
.The multi-layered track bulge enhances the stability of the magic cube during the rotation and makes the
rotation smoother, solving the problem of large friction caused by excessive friction surface, and improves the smoothness and fault tolerance.
.The axes is made of carefully cast nylon plastic with high-precision screws, springs and spacers to make the
magic cube run smoother.


.Color: Colorful
.Material: ABS
.Order: 3x3x3
.Product Dimensions: 5.7*5.7*5.7cm
.Product Weight: 92g
.Package Dimensions: 10.3*10.3*7.3cm
.Package Weight: 241g
.Packing: Craft Box

Package Content:

.1 x Magic Cube

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