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MS V1 Single Magnetic Positioning System 3X3 M Maicg Cube

MS V1 Single Magnetic Positioning System 3X3 M Maicg Cube Item NO.: MU3212667

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Stickerless (Black Shell) Stickerless (Original Color Shell)

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Product Name MS V1 Single Magnetic Positioning System 3X3 M Maicg Cube
Item NO. MU3212667
Weight 0.23 kg = 0.5071 lb = 8.1130 oz
Category Official Puzzles > Cubes & WCA Puzzles > 3x3
Tag 3x3 Cube , Maicg Cube , 3X3 M Maicg Cube , MS V1 Maicg Cube , Single Magnetic Positioning System Maicg Cube
Creation Time 2021-06-21

MS V1 Single Magnetic System 3X3 M Maicg Cube


.Spherical Rubber-reducing Design: The oil-control ball-shaped design of the feet can solve the surface shrinkage and make the magic cube continue to be lubricated even under high-speed rotation, reducing the degree of wear of the parts. The traditional rubber-reducing design will limit the flow of lubricating oil, thus Affects the feel and performance of the magic cube, and the spherical rubber-reducing design will make the lubricant have a guiding effect and better continuous lubrication.
.External Magnetic Positioning System: Make each rotation faster and bring better hand feeling and stronger control
.Innovative Magnetic Positioning: The new magnetic positioning system, combined with external magnetic positioning, realizes dual magnetic precision positioning and control, so that every step of the rotation can be accurately positioned
.High Fault-tolerant Design: Precision fillet calculation and optimization, bid farewell to rotating lag
.Spider Smooth and Smooth: The rotating track is distributed by spider webs, which effectively keeps the parts long-term lubricated and enhances the stability and smoothness of the cube in high-speed rotation
.Fine "core" Creation: Fully consider the speed, elasticity and other factors in the rotation process to customize the five-speed elasticity debugging system and the flexible steering device to form a flexible and changeable layout, realize the free choice of elasticity, and increase the feel of the explosion.
.Hidden Skills: Hidden debugging function system, exquisite design makes the overall simple and square, easy to debug the tightness of the wheelbase, so that the hand feel is greatly improved


.Material: ABS
.Product Dimensions: 56 x 56 x 56mm
.Product Weight: 100g
.Packing: Graphic Carton

Package Content:

.1 x MS Box
.1 x MS Bag
.1 x MS Cube Stand
.1 x Tutorial
.1 x Strong/Weak Spring
.1 x Spare Axis
.1 x MS ID Card

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